“A complex remodel job. Remove a garage roof and build a bedroom over the space. Shift the peak of the house on one area to provide symmetry. Pull out another area to enlarge two bedrooms. Extend the garage 5 feet (concrete footings). Install new shingles, windows, and siding.
Member Comments:
The job went very well. They worked with us on the design and we came up with an excellent look that is also very functional. The cost was very reasonable, considerably cheaper than others. The quality was top of the line. I’ve had the building inspectors comment on the high quality of the craftsmanship. The entire crew was very personable. We enjoyed getting to know each of them as the project rolled along. Dave (the owner) was always looking out for cost effectiveness, but was open to our interests where we wanted upgrades. The siding was the pinnacle of the job. Dave and his lead man are very knowledgeable of all the products on the market. They pointed us to LP Smart siding with a custom factory finish. We were able to work with the factory to come up with the color that we wanted. It turned out fantastic. This company knows their business. They enlist architects and engineers when needed. Everything was drawn up and executed well. As questions, surprises, and issues turned up (any time you open an old house up, there are surprises), we were able to sit down and talk them through. Some change requests were added as we encountered them. Again it was cost effective, no gouging. I highly recommend them.”

This is a review testimony from a customer Sue in Brooklyn Park, MN that we did vinyl siding, soffit and fascia, trim, new windows, a deck and several other projects. It goes as follows:

SIDING: In 2007, I searched for a siding contractor. I live in Brooklyn Park but my friend told me of Hastings Siding and Remodeling and said they worked in a 50 mile radius. I contacted the owner, Dave Buck, for examples of his work. So I drove around and saw his work on 10 other dwellings. I had to be cautious since I was a new widow and feared being exploited. Mr. Buck helped me select a siding that would be durable and becoming. I loved his assistance in the decision-making and I loved the outcome. It has now been 4 years and I STILL am happy. I get compliments all the time from visitors on the pearlescent light sage -colored steel siding.
In fact, my neighbors were so envious that the next year they got Dave’s name from me and the following year they got siding and windows. They also just loved the result and Dave was very respectful of their budget concerns as well.

WINDOWS: After my wonderful siding experience, in 2008 I called the owner of Hastings Siding and Remodeling, Dave Buck, who helped me select the highest quality windows and gave me the best value for my dollar. I just love my windows! I am a widow who needed this guidance and I trusted Dave Buck who did not let me down in any way. His crew were detailed and professional in the installation. I would highly recommend this company to anyone. He helped me with the decision to put in 2 bay windows, one in my living room which now has become my office area, and one in my kitchen, which holds the dining area very nicely. My son liked my living room and bedroom crank-out windows so much that he called HSR and got a bid for new windows; he and his wife are very happy with their choice; they said the crew was timely and detailed; this was even in the winter! The stay-at -home neighbors were impressed and they called for the number of this company. They have gotten new windows since then and are very pleased. They told a lady at their church who wanted one new sliding door and one new bedroom window; she had other quotes but chose HSR because she said she got the most for her dollar by working with Mr. Buck.
That is what everyone says.

REMODELING: HASTINGS SIDING AND REMODELING: In 2009, I decided to convert my split level with open stairwell into upper and lower separate living spaces. Dave Buck made specific recommendations that made sense to me and I am glad I listened. They were all the right decisions. Instead of a space-consuming stairwell, I have an open coat closet with built-in suitcase loft above, all in oak, matching my other wood, sturdy and gorgeous. Then I asked if HSR could put a laundry room on the foyer level by taking up some of the garage space. No problem, and I am thrilled with how that project turned out. He arranged the electrical and plumbing with his highly professional team which made my life easier, instead of me searching for those resources.
Member Comments:
This is what I appreciated:

-help in making these big decisions so….. it would be done right the first time.
-the owner’s patience in educating me as to what products I could get for what price; he gave the advantages and disadvantages of each choice
-being able to trust this company to not exploit me but guide me.
-being able to trust that htis ocmpany has been around for a long time, >30 years, and that I could easily reach them with any concerns, not deal with a bureaucracy and go through multi layers to reach someone to talk to.
-I am convinced that I got the best product for the most reasonable price.
-I looked at enough sided houses to be able to discern that some people have gotten lousy jobs; the seams were not lined up right, even I could see it. My siding appears seamless.
-My late husband & I had just purchased the house in 2005, then he got sick. I am proud of all I have done to enhance the maintenance-free feeling of my home since my husband died in 2006. He would be proud of my decisions, too. I had a contractor I could trust. My property looks updated and has become very low maintenance with the new siding and windows.
I achieved my goals. I owe my happiness to Hastings Siding and Remodeling who did me right, no regrets. I am happy and confident to share my experience. This is an excellent company.