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Remodeling any part of a house is a long process, but especially the exterior. Exterior improvements and repairs to the roof, siding, windows, doors, patio, and walkways take a while, but with the help of an exterior contractor, homeowners will get the service and results they need with a short turnaround. At Hasting Siding and Remodeling, we are an exterior renovation contractor in Minneapolis, MN. We are licensed and insured and guarantee quality and satisfaction.

There is a lot that our exterior renovating service offers. As contractors, we provide each of our clients with an exterior repair consultation and exterior home improvement estimate, so they know what needs to be repaired (in detail) and how much they should expect to pay. We are diligent and thorough in our inspections of properties prior to construction in order to get the job done correctly the first time. Our renovations are quick, efficient, and safe.

Investing in exterior remodeling services, such as window, siding, and roof replacement, is sometimes necessary and always beneficial. Having these new features installed will improve the insulation of the house, its aesthetic curb appeal, and overall functionality. Additionally, it will also add to the market value of the property, which is beneficial for homeowners who decide that they want to sell their house.

As one of the leading renovation contractors in the Minneapolis, MN area, Hasting Siding and Remodeling is happy to take on any exterior project, regardless of size.

We bring professionalism and quality workmanship to every job, so get in contact with us any time for more information.

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